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Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations

Florence Scovel Shinn Affirmations have been a part of my morning EFT routine for a while. I have been having many limiting beliefs showing up. These are patterns in me that went unnoticed before but, now I am able to observe these. Here I am sharing with you affirmations that I am repeating to myself a lot during the day.


This might seem like an out-of-the-blue affirmation to some of you and I guess that is why I never picked it up the first time I read her work. If you have started sensing any resistance to anyone because of whatever reason, this one affirmation can work wonders to nullify all the stories you have with regards to that person. This is an affirmation I use a lot when I have a limiting belief that someone else will do something to delay my manifestation.

To begin with, Florence says that the desires you have inside you have been placed there by God so nothing and no one from the outside can decide whether you can have it or not. Even then when limiting beliefs come up that this person’s approval is required for me to get into that college or get that job, doing EFT, journaling, or meditation with this affirmation can bring you back into the awareness that you are powerful because you are co-creating with God.

I affirm this to my son while I am helping him get ready in the morning. It is a feel-good one and I got free ice cream and some monetary gain the day I was affirming this. So this affirmation is part of my morning routine. There is more to it that says wonders shall never cease. Since I prefer light feel-good words throughout my affirmations, I just stick to this one. Always use only those affirmations that feel truly good to you.

This is a life changer! It takes away all the stories we have created in our minds of how that extra money or car or love can come to us. Most of us put limitations on how things can and should play out in our life.

I intend for this post to uplift you and empower you. Stay Blessed!


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