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6 Self Growth quotes to keep you on track

Self Growth goes hand in hand with self-love and self-care. Some call it personal development and measure it based on how much weight they have lost or how much money they have made. Self Growth is a more all-rounded approach. 

 You realize that after a while certain things that served as your triggers have lost their power over you. You realize every experience you are having in your life is teaching you a life lesson and helping you evolve. There are days when I doubt my journey. There are moments when I doubt if I should really say no to something I dislike when it means that I am disappointing my friends.

During these moments of fogginess, certain quotes have had an enormous impact in bringing me back to my authentic self and keeping me on track with my self-growth journey. I am sharing some of them here and you can use them any way you like. 

Sometimes you feel like you are in the same cycle or nothing much is getting done or there is a long way to go. These are the moments when you should consider reflecting on your past accomplishments and appreciating how far you have come. Reverse Bucketlist is something you could look into. 

The truth is whether we are aware or not every single second we are growing and evolving. Sometimes you realize it when you look at an old photo of yours or meet up someone from your past. Sometimes you realize how much you have evolved when certain triggers from your past do not affect you anymore. Take a moment to reflect.

There are times when you feel like giving up and those are the moments when you need to hold on tighter and remember to keep walking one step at a time. The keyword is consistency. Remember that the most important ingredient of success is showing up consistently.

It is possible to get back on track with your self-care even after many setbacks. Self-care is possible even during tough times

This always reminds me about the importance of not simply reacting to surroundings rather becoming that positive energy that responds with unconditional love and gratitude. 

Have you seen kids when you tell them we are going for a picnic or let us jump in the ocean? They immediately say Yes and jump in joy. And what about us adults? We come up with excuses so that we do not have foreign experiences. It is called resistance. Most of us are in a constant state of resistance against love and prosperity then we complain all this stuff is woo woo.

This year I have been learning to say ‘Yes’ to many impromptu plans and living less in my head. Some turned out to be great experiences and some turned out to be life lessons. Notice that attitude there? Self Growth proof loud and clear. So say with me ” I release resistance and allow life to pleasantly surprise me”

This quote sounds so simple yet, the meaning is so profound and deep that applying this in our daily life will yield us dramatic positive results. I am still learning the art of being authentic. When you are constantly editing yourself, your likes and dislikes you are shutting off your true essence. In that state, we attract people and situations that force us to pretend to be someone else. What happens then is that we burn out and do drastic things.

I am still learning to show up as my most authentic self and honestly, it is very difficult but so worth it. When we show up as our real essence, we attract our real tribe.

Loving without depending comes easier for some than the other but if mastered this can enable us to have fulfilling love lives. If I am honest, this is something I am struggling with and my progress has been very slow. There I am opening-up my vulnerabilities to you.

This last one is a Jay Shetty quote that blew my mind away. This is so true for a lot of us. People show us who they are and how they view us and we are so desperate for their love and attention that we paint their darkness with our brighter shades. I am extremely guilty of doing this again and again.

So what do we do at these times? We respond rather than react and then we forgive them, acknowledge the real them and move ahead knowing that the best is yet to come.

So keep moving ahead, my self-growth ninjas.

Stay Blessed!


  1. Anees A Anees A

    These days the negativity is everywhere and no surprise that we tend to be driven by it often. This article helps understand how can we work on being intentionally positive, until eventually it becomes a habit. Blessings to you for ur awesome posts. I’ve been enjoying ur advice recently and it really does help. Keep up the great work ms.midhun, thanks so much. Peace and love xx

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      I appreciate your kind words, Mr. Anees. ‘Intentionally positive’ is such a powerful concept and scientifically proven too. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your positivity with us. Stay Blessed!

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