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A Hospital Visit – Mom Diaries

Hiya my friends

Hope you are having a great December. Yes, the blog faced some glitches and technical difficulties and on top of everything, I had writer’s block. But it is all in the past and I am so geared up to create tons of valuable content.

While I was going through my discarded articles folder, I came across this article I wrote when Shaurya was 2 years old and we went for his dental checkup. Mr Hubby was busy at work and I begged my Dad to come with us.

The afternoon felt very ruthless with harsh sun, heavy diaper bag, hospital files falling from my hands and my crying toddler. It was his dental checkup and every second felt like I kidnapped somebody else’s kid and wanted to run away with him.

Other moms stared at me and some mommies with little boys gave me the gentle nod saying we understand. Shaurya has an extreme dislike for doctors and hospitals and from the time he was 10 months old, he could just smell a hospital from way far and start crying and trying to escape. It is his superpower (at least until I discover the other powers) (Good luck with that Soumya!)

I was feeling lonely despite the fact that my Dad was with us. I wondered what hubby was doing at work. While Shaurya was wiping off my concealer from the right side of my face with his tears filled hands and cheeks, I had this imaginary pink bubble callout above my head where I pictured hubby with his cup of coffee staring at his computer screen, cracking a joke with his colleague and having a regular peaceful afternoon. I was so angry at him for not having to face all these struggles. 

To top it off my Dad got angry at me when I said no to Shaurya’s 21st water request. My top was drenched in the water Shaurya spat on me the last 20 times. I refused him another sip because he was not thirsty. He was just having fun spitting water on me. Now, the checkup was another failure as my son kicked the doctor while I struggled to hold him in place and the nurse suggested I should take Shaurya out regularly as it seems like he is not used to seeing people (what? seriously?)

I was a sleepless, hungry and tired mess and I came home and cried thinking I was so not made to be a mom. It was high time I ate something because all that I could manage to ingest that morning was a cold cup of coffee and nothing else and my rumbling tummy is a reminder that I need fuel to keep going. Just when I started to cook something my little one started crying again and in no time his diaper leaked and wow there goes another 1 hour bathing him and cleaning up the floor and washing up his clothes. 

God, I just want to hug that last year’s me and tell her, “You have got this woman. You are a good mom and you are doing great. Just hang in there”

Why share this you may ask. I believe this is exactly what we all should share more of. Not just the glossy happy family clicks but, the tiring and trying days and parenting failure moments. That is when we can actually pick each other up.

I dedicate this article to all those mommies out there who are petrified of going out with their little ones. I dedicate this article to all you super mommies. I repeat, “You have got this. You are doing great”

I remember reading somewhere that there is no way to be a perfect mother but, a million ways to be a good one.


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