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About Me

I am Soumya Midhun an Indian residing in Dubai. I am a filter coffee lover, a mom to a magical little boy who smells like peanut butter and outdoors, a wife who is still figuring out how marriage works, a daughter, a sister, a friend and most importantly I am a woman. Having seen the dark side of depression and knowing that it can eat me up whole at any moment, I have discovered self-care, self-love techniques that have enabled me to become more attuned to myself. I believe in self-growth that is based on self-awareness and that is exactly what I am sharing here.

My blog’s intention is to inspire you to become a better and happier version of yourself. Here you can read about self-love, motherhood, self-care, self-growth and most importantly get inspired to fall in love with this magical life.

We are on this journey together and I am really excited to hear about your life experiences and learn from you.