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August Favorites- Skincare and Lifestyle

Are you excited about September? I am I am I sooo am 😀

Finally the heat will reduce and we will enjoy the outdoors. Onam is few days away and the excitement levels to dress up and eat Sadhya are really high.

So, beginning of September means time to share August favorites. I am reviewing the Organic India Tulsi Tea and Wheat grass powder in this video. Also sharing what worked for my heat attacked skin. Hope you enjoy 🙂



  1. Nice video.. Loved your dress 😘

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Thank you Sonali 😘

  2. Loved your favorites, Soumya 🙂 All the time I was looking at your earring, so beautiful <3 Hey, you look pretty wearing nosering ra 😉
    Natural Beauty And Makeup

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Hehe Thanks ma darling 🙂

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Thank you Alisha. Yup will do 🙂

  3. Aww…you look so cute baby….love ur expressions hun.,,….xoxo, Neha

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Thank you Neha 🙂

  4. Loved your favourites video Soumya.You sound so cute dear.Never tried the wheatgrass powder but would love to try it out as I really wanna boost up my immune system.I too wanna try the Herbal tea with coconut infusion.I have been using pure ghee on my lips for the past 10 days and it has made my lips so soft and smooth.Have tried this lip balm by TBS,i too love it.Great video dear.😘😘😘

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Thank you Yamini 🙂 With ghee I felt the need to re apply every hour or so but this lip balm that was not needed. Hope you try wheatgrass 🙂

  5. Loved your nose pin! Btw such an interesting video!

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Kind of you Shatchya 🙂

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