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Self Growth- How to do it?

Every single new year’s eve I used to write down my resolutions and goals and get excited about creating a new me. However, after the first week of January, all the enthusiasm used to die down and eventually I felt like I was never progressing on my own development.

Over the years, I tried and tested a ton of methods and eventually have got a few tips and tricks that worked for me. That is what I am sharing here with you beautiful people.

Know yourself

Most of us have no clue what we really want from life or who we are beneath the mask we wear in our daily lives. So meditating and journaling can be used for self-analysis and understanding why we want to improve ourselves. 

  • What experiences do you want?
  • How do you want to reach your goals?
  • What makes you happy?

Answering these questions honestly was my first step towards self-growth and transformation. I realized that a lot of things I thought I wanted were things my parents associated with success. Those things never sparked joy in me and my journey and path were completely different from that of my parents. This is why it is important for us to know the why behind the things we say we want. 

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because your partner or parent wants you to be skinnier or because you want to feel healthier? Be honest about it and then work on the “how” part of it. 


Look for things you are grateful for. Say Thank you for the clean drinking water, the internet, your pillow, your health, your food and literally for every blessing in your life that you normally take for granted.  It rewires your brain and attracts more things to be grateful for. Do your gratitude journaling in the morning and evening.

Nourish your body, mind, and soul

Eat healthy foods and give up smoking and alcohol consumption. Read uplifting books and listen to uplifting podcasts and audiobooks. Take time to meditate and sit in silence in order to connect with your inner self.

The key points to keep in mind are:

  • Love yourself
  • Every single day is a new beginning to build a better you
  • Have an uplifting morning routine
  • Read regularly (Recommendations are included in the video)

Self-growth is a journey and not a destination. Every good and bad experience aids in your transformation and being aware of that is important. When things go right, be grateful and when things go wrong always ask, “what is this set back teaching me? what is this experience teaching me?”

Not dwelling on “Why me?” for too long has immensely helped me in becoming a better mom and a better human. Infusing kindness into my self -talk and forgiving myself daily has been very healing and transforming.

Another tool that has helped me in this process is a regular brain dump session. 

Hope this video inspired you. Please do share your self-development and self-growth journey so that we all can benefit. Always remember that we all have our pace and there is no short cut to personal development or self-growth. 

Stay Blessed!

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  1. Nice post Soumya and the video too 😘😘😘

  2. Loved the video 🙂
    You so beautiful :*

  3. I loved it. Do more such videos dear.

  4. Lovely post! Honestly, I make tonnes of resolutions every year but never ever worked on that or say they didn’t work for me 🙁 I got depressed eventually! So, finally I decided to start with some easy pissy things which can benefit me in the long run. Now just following this path and enjoying too 🙂

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Thank you Ana. Would love to know your tips and tricks 🙂

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