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Bringing Magic back into your life

I have been wanting to do a blog post for a few days now but, apparently, words and creativity planned a quick vacation and left me for a while. I hope you all are doing well and since my words and creativity are happily back to me all refreshed and ready to inspire you all, let us not waste any more time.

Have you all felt that magic in yourself? The life force flowing through you getting you excited about each day that brings new experiences is exactly what your magic is. The optimism with which you start your day is you owning your magic. Lately, I have lost my magic. I have been on auto-pilot and did not stop and smell the roses for a long time.

In this blog, we talk a lot about self-love, self-care and the importance of being connected to your true self. Well, I have been trying to incorporate more brain dump and quiet time in my routine and that is when Melody Beattie and her books came into my life. Now, I read her quotes multiple times daily when I feel I am exhausted on an emotional level or I am judging myself. Since her words have had a profound effect on me and my daily perspective, I wanted to share a small portion of it here for you all. My lovely Pinterest fans can pin away these images on your self-care board for daily motivation.

1. Give up your need to Judge

We all have moments where we are judging us and others and sometimes giving others unsolicited bits of advice. But, the truth is it is their life and their journey where they will grow through their mistakes and heartbreaks.   So live and let live.

2. Be more present and mindful

Every minute in our life we go through a different emotion. Instead of being aware of how we feel and why we feel it and what actions these feelings make us take we sometimes focus only on our end destination. But, the truth is the real beauty is in the journey. So let us be more mindful about our feelings and the way we make people around us feel. Let us value each moment of our life.

3. Awaken your inner child

When was the last time you were happy without a reason? When was the last time you followed your curiosity? When was the last time you looked at life without cynical glasses? Let your inner child come out and ask meaningful questions. This past week I went to the beach to watch a sunset and I just stood there in awe of the beauty of mother nature. I smiled for no reason and felt lighter in my heart.

4. Make time for Self-Care

Self-Care is an act of connecting with oneself and filling up yourself. It is loving and honoring yourself so that you could give love to the people around you. I have been unashamedly taking little naps and staying away from Instagram as a part of detoxing my mind and connecting with myself. My self-care rituals range from sipping herbal teas, journaling, reading, napping, face masking to spending time outdoors. It is obviously more than beautifying your appearance. Self-care for me is inner work.

5. Let past be past

Most of us hold onto our hurtful past experiences and memories and project those emotions into the present. This is such a toxic thing to do. We should take the lessons from our past, forgive the hurtful people and move forward in our life. It is easier said than done but nothing actually worthy comes easy right?

Becoming a better version of yourself means you compare the current you to the past you and not anybody else. The more you focus on your inner work and healing the happier you become. The happier you are the more magical your life experiences are going to be.

Am I there yet? No. But, I am feeling more positive than I have been in a month and that for me is progress. Remember to always remain grateful for all that you have and for all that is yet to come. I hope you all have a fabulous month.

Stay Blessed!


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      Thank you so much Lisa 🙂

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