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Depression and Social Stigma

I am wondering how to start with this blog post Intro. There is no way I can beautify this subject and I do not want to do that either. The main purpose of this video is to create awareness. Kindly note that this post and video is me sharing my journey, my struggles and how I live with depression. You could make lifestyle changes as mentioned and meet with your therapist regularly and live a very fulfilling life.

I uploaded this video almost two months back and I received mixed responses. Some of you reached out about going through the same and lack of family support to meet with therapists. Some of you told me to focus on positive content and my own mom told me that it is not nice to talk about mental illness (she is scared of the society).

Let me just remind you all that health is not a static place. We all go through a lot in our life that leaves us tired and scarred. I am doing my bit by sharing my story so that you could help yourselves and your loved ones.

Few Time Stamps
1:02 – How did I recognize my symptoms?
3:46 – What did I feel?
5: 12 – What did I do about it?
7:28 -Social Stigma
13: 35 – My Maca Experience

I would like to conclude this post by saying that we are all broken in one way or another so, be kind to yourself and others. If you cannot bring light into the lives of others it is okay but, do not make their world darker than it already is.

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