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First day of 2016

Time :10 pm .
Date: 31st of December 2015.
Location : Home

“Nah v r soooo over all the fireworks and late night traffic . We have a baby and it is about time we acted like grownups.”

“ Let us order pizza and watch some TV.  We will wake up early in the morning and pray. And, also enjoy the 2016’s first sunrise.” That sounds like an adulty (some words in my dictionary are  not used anywhere else in the world) mature plan.

An hour later, “come on hubby drive faster we should not miss the beginning of the fireworks! oh wow look at the Traffic and all those people…wow feels so newyearyyy”

Time 12:15 am.  Happily clapping in the car after seeing fireworks from such a great distance (read miles and miles away where you just see them as a tiny sprinkle of colored glitters). Shaurya is clapping along with me while Mr. gives me that you are sooo crazy look.

Time 12:30am. Shaurya is unamused and sleepy (oops).

Time 1.20am . Still stuck up in traffic and feeling so weary rather than new yearryy.

Time 2 am. Reached home. Little one tucked in.

Time 10 am.  Woke up when little one slapped his mommy’s face (yup we co-sleep). And Hurray it is New Year!

Every time we wished Shaurya a happy new year he replied oh wow oh wowow and we laughed.

Now I can lie to you all saying I prepared masala dosa for new year breakfast but, let us keep it real. I made instant coffee and poured warm milk over our cereal (domestic goddess much).

It took us forever to get out of the house. I mean, when we were a couple, weekends were like, oh it is Friday let us go out at 3 pm and we would start getting ready at 2.30 pm and get out at 3.10 pm (nah we were never on time)

Now, we say let us get out at 3 pm and for that the prep work starts at 10 am and we still struggle to get out at 5 pm (I know mommies  with 5 kids are like girl you are such a loser)

So finally, when we managed to reach Mamzar Park with a well organized diaper bag, well fed and well napped baby and a tote filled with toys, balls and a lot of snacks for 3 of us, I felt victorious. Little did I know that all that we three would be doing is strolling with the stroller.

You may be like wait what?

Look this picture below.


Mamzar park it was. Perfect weather it was. 1st day of 2016 it was. Perfect picnic time it was. But, little Shaurya decided all that he wanted to do was push his stroller in the grass the entire time in the park.

No I did not sit down even for a second. No selfies and no family pictures. He did not want to eat or drink and we could not either. He just taught me to embrace the moment.

But hey, we saw the sunset and had chai on the way back home. Good times indeed.

The point of this post is that every moment we get to breath is a blessing. Let us be happy and spread happiness despite things not happening as per our plans.

And by the way, next new year’s eve we will be at home in our pjs eating pizza (yea right go on go on).

Happy 2016 you all!


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