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In this blog, productivity and self-care are big themes and most of you my amazing readers are very keen about living a well-balanced life. And for achieving that goal, we all know the importance of organizing and scheduling. That is exactly why Free Printables are popular now.

The easiest way to get things done is by writing them down. So let us get our life organized and get our priorities straight with these free printables.

Week At A Glance Printable | Ready To Print 

Download FREE Week At A Glance Printable (Pink & Green)

Download FREE Week At A Glance Printable (Pink)

These two stylish yet straightforward free weekly planner printables can be used to organize your entire life. No kidding!

I use it to keep track of my blog schedule, my son’s school schedule, weekly menu and also for my self-care activities. In Dubai, a new work-week starts on a Sunday hence, these start with Sunday as the first day. If your work-week starts on a Monday, you can use Sunday as your Self-Care and Life-Admin day and write down related activities on your free printables.

This Week At a Glance Free Printable is perfect for your Kitchen Command Center.

As you have read my blog posts on how to truly change our lives, you know that real change happens only when we commit and what better way than you writing down your daily goals for the entire week and ticking it off one by one.

Self-care Worksheet Printable | Ready To Print 

Download FREE Printable Self Care Worksheet

This self-care free printable worksheet is my lifeline. It helps me to let go off my self-limiting beliefs and unhelpful thoughts. It aligns me with my intuition and my real-self by prompting me to write my gratitude list (helps one’s mind to focus on the positive) and by making me write about how I want to feel (it is miraculous). Every time I write I want to feel productive or creative or loved my entire day’s theme becomes exactly that and hence, it is miraculous for me.

The breathe bubble and mindfulness bubble will soon become your morning buddies. You can also use this morning self-care printable in your manifesting journey.

Minimalist Style Day Planner Printable | Ready To Print 

Download FREE Day Planner Printable [Simple]

Download FREE Day Planner Printable [Colourful]

Here we have two minimalist day planners that are perfect when you are just getting back on track after a holiday or a not so good phase of your life. This was something I designed keeping my little sister Dipti in mind as she is a hustler who suffers from anxiety. These sheets have nothing overwhelming in the way of the design or the slots to fill in. I use it on days that I feel anxious but I have still got things to get done. It is the ultimate combination of minimalism and effective planning.

Planner Printable | Ready To Print 

Download FREE Daily Planner Printable [Pink]

This free planner printable is perfect when you do not want to commit to a planning journal. A lot of us fall out of our daily planning owing to one reason or another and then coming back to empty journal pages can be frustrating. That is exactly why single page planners are popular now. Go ahead print this fun planner and have a productive day.

Kindly check the print preview and adjust based on your printer settings to get the best out of these free printables.