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Go Ahead and JUDGE me!

You judge me from the moment I give birth and you try to snatch away my new mom innocence.

I am naive again. Scared again. I am clueless about what to do. But, happier than ever before.

Then you start,

Why is he drinking from a bottle?

Is that breast milk or formula?

Wait why is he so skinny?

He has not rolled over yet?? Gosh he is 4 months already! You are doing it wrong.

He is awake at 9 pm? You definitely have no idea how to sleep train him!

No wait what he is still cruising and not walking? Something is definitely wrong.

He does not run? My son was running from 13 months

He is still not transitioned to a sippy cup?

When are you going to potty train him? He is 17 months and still in diapers?

You could only express 40 ml breast milk in 30 minutes? Stop dieting! So sad!

You are using this diaper cream from the pharmacy? Should have ordered from US. Poor baby he doesn’t get the best.

You criticize me at every stage of my baby’s growth. You try to tell me how bad a mother I am. You try to take away my happiness from me. You try to tell me how your baby is reaching milestones before my little one. But you know what? I don’t care. Now, I have realized I am capable of taking care of my baby. If you did not bear my labor pain with me and you had no contribution in pushing my baby out of me then, you have no right to judge me.

This is a post that is so true to my motherhood journey and I would like to dedicate it to all moms out there who are tired of being judged.

For me personally speaking, my motherhood journey in the initial stage was too shaky and scary. I had no guidance from elders or family about what to do or not to do. My little one was extremely tiny and I was scared of hurting him. Feeding, bathing, diaper change everything was daunting for me. I marveled at him while he was sleeping and was happy for the blessing but, I was judged for not having enough milk and having a tiny baby and everyone bombarded me with suggestions and advices and ouch sentences that my happiness and gratitude moments were short lived. Nobody told me this is all normal and you are doing well. Nobody told me I will take care of your little one while you take a nap. Nobody helped me with the dishes or laundry. But, they gave me their opinions. Unwanted opinions! Discouraging words! They did not care that their opinions were shrinking my already shaken confidence.

Today, after 18 months of being a mom and after seeing that my tiny boy is a healthy and naughty toddler wearing clothes appropriate for his age, I realized I should have never listened to the so called society. As the time went by, me and my Shaurya bonded and learned a lot on the way.  I started telling my pregnant and new mom friends about my experience . I told them not to make my mistake of listening to the society.

I really want to reach out to all those moms who are beating themselves up mentally for not being the perfect mom. Trust me mommies, you are the best!  You are doing it right.

Every baby is different and every mom is different. Let those instagram and facebook pictures showing skinny mommies and chubby babies never snatch your happiness away from you.

This journey is yours.

It is unique in every way.

Relish in the purity of motherhood

Make mistakes,

Laugh at yourself,

Re-discover yourself.

Life is just once and let us live it right!

Cheers to motherhood!

And yes dear society, you can go ahead and judge me!




  1. Reshma Reshma

    Woah… Well said girl!!!!


      More power to you Reshma for having the courage to stand up against Judging!

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