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Happiness – Lost and Found!

This is what you see as soon as you enter our home.

This is the philosophy that we live by.

Since the time I started blogging, I joined instagram and twitter. Then happened our You Tube channel.

I was happy to see our passion turning into such beautiful pictures, posts and videos. Our creations that will live even after we are gone. So surreal it felt. So happy I was.

Then, happened the number game.  How many followers and subscribers and all that PR game I never knew existed.

Follow for Follow?

Comment for Comment?

Sub for Sub?

I felt lost. I felt unhappy. My passion for sharing information and honest writing was taken over by a temporary greed to have bigger better numbers. After being lost in this number game and remaining unhappy for almost 3 weeks, I am back. Thank you God!

Yes, I am leaving the number game behind me and sticking to my reality.

I am Soumya Midhun and I love my family, writing, eating, laughing and video making. My little Shaurya’s laughter makes me feel like the luckiest mom on earth. My tired hubby coming home from work and telling me “ I missed you and your tea” makes me the happiest woman ever. That simple is my life and my feelings. I would not want to change it ever.

Hugging my Amma and seeing my Dad laughing with little Shaurya makes me feel blessed. My little bro calling me chubby and irritating me makes me happily angry. Simple pleasures in my life includes AED 1 tea from cafeterias and a drive to Mamzar Beach.

Though born and brought up in the glamorous Dubai, I have never stepped into Sephora ever in my life and own only 2 lipsticks from Maybelline. This is who I am. And the most important thing is I am happy and I am able to make my loved ones happy.

I feel blissful to have met some wonderful and inspiring women on Instagram and I treasure their friendship. That is how simple I want my life to be.  Make friends, support each other while following my passion.  Numbers? When you are genuine and truly inspire others, numbers will also follow I believe.

I realized happiness is inside us and I want to make it our lifestyle.

What is your story? Please do share 🙂


  1. We all start writing , because we love it. That passion for sharing , that happiness in writing is taken over by numbers somehow. I too got into clutches of that a few months back, then I said chuck it. I like makeup, I like taking pics, I am not going to follow those advises on how to increase traffic and followers. If you have content people will read . I am sick of that number game too. 🙂

    Loved the post. XOXO

  2. I can totally relate to you. This number game can actually suck life out of our blogs. All we do is try to increase comments and follows and stop focusing on nurturing our writings and sharing information. This post really opened my eyes and not just me, everybody needs to realize this. Just follow your passion always. 🙂

  3. Such a great post soumya. I too agree with you and swathi. we all started writing because of our passion. I hate when people write to me for follow for follow as I think they are disrespecting me and themselves. If you like me it’s up to you to follow me and If i like you I would love to follow you. This whole number game is really sucking. People approach me to pay them and they will get me followers and I tell them politely that it’s not the purpose for which I am here. I love to share my passion via writing and I want to connect with all the genuine people.

    Great post. Loved it 🙂

    • Such an honest comment coming from you means a lot to me Megha. Keep inspiring 🙂

  4. Hey, this is such a true story.
    I too was fed up.of the number game (or should I say followers number).
    I too started blogging for the love of writing. And blogging has helped me a lot grow as a person. I believe CONTENT is still the king and not your social media stats…..
    It’s sad the PR now concentrate on no. of followers than the blog age.. Anyways we hardly are bothered by them now…..people will visit the blog if we give quality content….great post, totally loved it……

    • Thank you for your honesty Sonali! Yes, blogging helps us evolve as an individual and ofcourse I agree Content is important!

  5. Midhun Dinesan Midhun Dinesan

    Love this post! It’s straight from your heart. Proud of my gurl!

  6. Omg Soumya! This post screamed of my situation too! The numbers some how get into my mind sometimes that I feel lost. To be honest I was so much in this mood last week that I thought why have I started this? But then I remembered it’s the passion that makes me write not the numbers. Now that I realised that I am a happier person again. I am happy with the few readers and a few followers. I am also happy I have made some real friendships like ours😘 Thank you Soumys for posting this because this one post have inspired me even more. Love you dear! Keep inspiring!
    Note: I have stopped looking at the google analytics everyday!

    • I have said bye bye to Google Analytics monitoring too Husna. And yup I am so glad to have found you and your lovely blog :*

  7. Every blogger comes in such phase…I did too. We all start for sharing our love and happiness with people but then it becomes a rat race…everybody is like follow for follow? or sub for sub? and to my surprise they unfollow you after sometime and you don’t even realise that (Atleast I didn’t)..Many people do not even bother to read the post and they comment on your blog just for sake of getting new probable followers and that is irritating..This number game made me sad and frustrated then I slapped myself out of that nightmare and brought my inneself to reality that this is not why I blog. I blog because I love to share my love for beauty, makeup, fashion and happiness with others.. This post has really touched me because I have been there..It is hard to get honest fellows these days..

    • Thank you for writing your mind Anu. Gosh I know the un following game. Thank God we are over that 🙂

  8. I know how that feels.Been there done that.But now i m in total peace.I think if you want to turn your hobby into profession, then certainly numbers do it for your own sake.

  9. I agree and then I don’t. I agree that numbers are not fun at all but if you want to reach more people you have to care about them! I am happy that you are happy with your decision though!

    • Thank you for your feedback Dora 🙂 I just meant that blogging is something I enjoy doing and going behind numbers sort of took a hit on my creativity and passion. So glad that you are unaffected by it.

  10. so so beautiful article and the truth being said here . I myself dont have a great following anywhere.. But I write , write at my own pace about the things I like.. and I love it.. There came a time when I wanted to be in the number game ,.. and i will not deny that today too I feel I want more people reading what I write but then my inner voice tells me , keep working on your passion and rest will follow, if not today, sometime later 🙂

    • Thank you Purva 🙂 I guess it is about striking the right balance and also putting out quality content you believe in.

  11. Very Nice Article!! Thanks for sharing with us.

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