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Hi! How are you?

Yes, I am saying a hi to you. Do we know each other you may ask. I would say we are beginning this journey of knowing each other. This is  a journey of self discovery for me ( ohhh why so intense girl??)

This is a journey of making strangers my friends ( what?) and discussing the silliest dreams of mine with them.

Come join me with a cup of coffee , tea or just water.

Who am I? What is my identity?

Born into a conservative Indian family, my identity was being a daughter. Making  my parents proud was the purpose of my life then. Soon enough,  I found my love and being Mrs. Midhun was my identity. Then, after becoming my Shaurya’s mother I became a ‘stay-at-home-mom’. So many titles and relationships that give me an identity in this world. Do they define me? Not always.

“Why do you want to work now?” asks some people.“Why aren’t you working anymore by dropping your little one at a day care?” asks some others. It is as though every body decided that they wanted to have a say in my life (you are welcome Not)

Who am I ? Ms. Soman? Mrs. Midhun? Shaurya’s Mom?


My parents named me Soumya (the tender and delicate) and I turned out to be pretty sensitive (read emotional fool types).

This blog is for all those women and girls out there who wants to think, talk, laugh out loud, be silly and just discover themselves little by little every day.

So Hi Again!

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