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How I keep my toddler busy Part 2

Yes the efforts continue to keep my little 19 and a half months old hyper active scientist son busy. Have you read the first part? It is here.

Ikea Tunnel

It is recommended to introduce it after 18 months but, his boyish love for the tunnel made us buy this for him after his first birthday and 9 months later, the tunnel crawling is still his favorite part of the afternoon fun. My main reason to like this tunnel is that after he  is done playing with it, it is easily foldable and anything space saving gets a thumbs up from us mommies am I right?

Recently, he has started to like playing ‘nest nest’ with the folded version of his tunnel. He grabs his soft toys and blankies and comfortably sits in his nest. It is amazing what their little minds think and can create.


We bought this playhouse for AED 20 from a Discount store and was surprised to see how much he loves to go in there. For safety reasons, we place it in his crib and he sits there and talks to his plushies. As you can see it is covered with mesh material on the sides and henceforth, it does not get too hot inside. There are days when he prefers to watch his cartoons sitting in the play house and those are the days you get to see a new blog post from me (wink). Again, it is easily foldable and hence gets a thumbs up.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Tissue Box Tower

Yes, as the name and picture explains, a few empty tissue boxes can become a 20 minute long fun activity. He constructs a tower, destroys it  and starts again. He prefers me to join in to cheer him up and loves destroying the tall tower I make. In short, please do not throw away that empty tissue box as the possibilities are endless.

Portable Bath Tub filled with balls

Again, owing to his hyperactivity and safety reasons, I keep his plastic bath tub filled with balls in his crib and voila 10 minutes of fun. Sometimes I keep it on the floor and sit next to him. You can go ahead and buy a ball pit with the perfect balls and I might do that in the future but, as of now he likes different sizes and colors of balls.

Mommies, please ensure to supervise your little ones at all times for safety.

And this by the way was not planned (ouch). My little artist.

And no this puzzle mat is never his favorite activity and it was complete like this just once (hubby did it ) and now lots of pieces are missing.


The most important thing is play with them as much as you can and treasure the memories. Remember, they are so little for such a little period of time. Enjoy to the fullest! Make beautiful memories and gift them a childhood they would treasure.

Cuddles and Giggles,

Hugs and Kisses,

Fun and Laughter,

That is how our days gotta be.

For they are so little for just a little time!



  1. Soumya! you are a life saver! I am going to buy the playhouse and the tunnel for sure! You got the playhouse for AED20? That’s nice… From where? And I agree, tissue boxes can do wonders 😛 The empty ones though 😀

    • Husna you are too kind! I am a budget mommy and hence my favorite places to shop from is the ‘Day to Day’ and Daiso kind of stores. We bought ours from Al Nahda Sharjah Mahrajan Centre. I might probably do a haul video or post. Lols.

  2. Aww so many great and fun ideas 🙂

  3. My son is 2 and a half now and he loves tents and tunnels 🙂 Thanks for the tips; keeping these little guys busy is hard sometimes! haha You’re a great mom!!

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