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How to Journal Your Dreams?

How to Journal your dreams? Is there a specific way to journal it? Why even bother? Should every dream be jotted down? What is your dream telling you? Too many questions and more answers than what we can count.

I am no expert but a simple person navigating life using my feminine intuition. So let me take you through my dream journaling process. You can have a separate journal for it or take my route of jotting your dreams down on your daily journal. The reason I have no separate journal is that I have found that what I am going through in that day or week or even season of my life has a lot to do with my dreams. Putting it all in one journal made so much sense to me when I was looking for answers from within my own inner self.

Some dreams mean you have overextended yourself and require some lifestyle changes. Some dreams are your own subconscious screaming at you that you are not listening to your inner voice. I have had intuition in the past that I could not trust a person and I used my logical mind to override my intuition. This led to me having dreams of being pushed into the water and pests infesting my space. On the third day before sleeping, I prayed for guidance with regard to my dreams.

I prayed, “Dear Universe, I am open to gaining clarity regarding all my dreams so show me what I am not seeing” That night I slept like a baby. The next morning a friend of mine texted me saying that I should not interact with that particular woman whom I mentioned earlier in the post. She mentioned in the text that pests are different from pets. I felt a chill run down me as I felt my prayer was answered. I told my husband about the text and he said” Some people act friendly and when they see it is the right time they will push you down the mountain into deep waters” For me that was my confirmation.

I hope you enjoy this video where I am exploring my dream that I interpreted had a lot to do with inner-child healing.

You might ask should every dream be interpreted. I would say no it does not have to be. When it comes to understanding our own inner workings we can make our own rules and explore at our pace. If you journal daily and jot down your dreams in the same journal while you are solving some issues in your life over the course of a week or month, you would see a pattern emerging.

Someone I know has been rewiring her subconscious for a while with regards to love and she had recurring dreams about being stood up on dates. After a month of affirmations, journaling and meditation she was frustrated so she called me up and said “I am done. I have decided that this is it I don’t need anything or anyone else. My affirmations have worked and I am perfectly aligned for divine love. I am not going to do any more affirmations”

Something shifted that evening as she slept deeply and had no awareness of any dreams. Two days later she met someone through a work event. Did her dreams mean she was still in a lack mindset? Did her dreams haunt her to awaken her to her true inner power? We can interpret it any way we want. In my journey so far I have understood that Everything has only as much meaning as we give it. And our mind is nothing compared to the vastness of our consciousness. We give everything meaning based on our limited knowledge. If we do not know and understand everything in this world, how can we fully grasp and interpret something like a dream?

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