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How to make 2018 your best year

Happy New Year my friends

What are your new year resolutions?

Now whether you are a planner or a go with the flow kind of person this post will inspire you to have a great 2018.

To come straight to the point, be kind to yourself. Love and respect yourself. Stop with the negative self-talk. Forgive yourself. Do not wait for somebody else to love and take care of you while you have no love for yourself. How to go about it you may ask. Well for starters, when you see your reflection in the bathroom mirror, smile at yourself instead of grunting about the dry skin and dark circles. Every time you make a mistake tell yourself “it is okay” instead of “oh wow you are hopeless”. Treat yourself the way you treat your best friend.

Let every morning begin with you counting the things in your life that you are grateful for. You could be grateful for your family and friends and you could also be grateful for your pillow and blanket. The gist is to get you thinking about the blessings in your life and henceforth steering you away from thoughts that point at the lack of things. A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. To make things clear, you become a better person when you cut down the complaining and become aware of how truly blessed you are. Never let your current condition make you a bitter person.  Even if your current job does not pay you enough, do the best in your job while searching for your dream job. So start counting your blessings.

Remaining calm in the face of adversities is truly a superpower. If you can take a step back and breathe in and out before responding to difficult circumstances in your life, you could save situations and relationships (both personal and professional). The point is to respond and not react. A reaction is when something bad happens and you react by yelling and crying but, responding is acknowledging your emotion but, acting in the most compassionate and intelligent manner. Sometimes removing yourself politely from the uncomfortable situation is appropriate while other times it is important to respond right away.

Along with the above-mentioned pointers, there is the ever important to do list and planners and bucket lists and those do not need further explanations. Now how do you tick off each of those goals of yours from your respective list? The key is to mention a specific date for each so you know how you are going to go about it and you know what you are working towards.

So let us live our lives to the fullest this year and have the best attitude towards life. Let us make 2018 our best year ever!



  1. What a great list full of positive vibes! 🙂 I especially like the first one. I admit to not being so kind to myself at times. I like how you suggest treating yourself like you treat your best friend. What an interesting way of looking at it.

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Your words made my day Lisa. I am so keen to post more uplifting posts like these <3 And yes we are all guilty of being unkind to our selves.

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