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Journaling Breakthrough – All about Confidence

Journaling has been a huge part of my life since a very young age. Coming from a volatile family my journaling and inner reflections guided me to always see the light in many given situations. This is why I keep pushing it to you all my lovely readers all the time. If there is one self-care and self-love activity you start in your life then let it please be journaling.

Confidence has been a major issue for me while growing up. I never realized why I was never confident enough. I spoke decently enough and got good grades and never got into trouble and still struggled with confidence.

In my twenties, I bloomed and became an extremely confident woman who was not shy to speak to people and who surprisingly made friends very easily. I still could not figure out how on earth did all the confidence come from. The main question remained where did it come from.

It was yesterday while I was pouring my heart and soul out into my journal that I got my answer.  The reason I am sharing this here is that I genuinely believe this could resonate with a lot of you out there. Now confidence is described as the faith in one’s abilities. The truth is not many of us are aware of what our strengths and weaknesses are. We look outwards for our answers when all we ever needed was to look inwards into us.

What makes you unique? What makes you, YOU? Why do you matter? These were things I was once taught to be selfish in nature. But your confidence depends upon the clarity you have in these matters.

The truth I was faced with recently was that I derived confidence from external achievements of mine and labels given to me by others. My early twenties saw a surge in my confidence because I was doing well at my job and my contribution was immensely helpful for the functioning of my department. I felt like someone important. I felt needed. All these external factors contributed to making me a confident young woman.

I also derived immense pleasure from knowing that I was married to the love of my life. The title of a wife gave me so much confidence because I again felt like I was seen, loved and very much needed in my husband’s life. My confidence also came from the external factor that my parents were proud of me and my growth.

This, in reality, is very sad. If your confidence comes from external sources the truth is it can go away as easily as it came. And that is exactly what happened. My late twenties saw me struggling with mental, physical and emotional health and I was a stay at home mom. Along with motherhood came extra weight and stretch marks. My confidence went to an all-time low.

What did I learn from all this?

  • Confidence that comes from within yourself as a result of your deep connection with yourself is all that matters.
  • External sources and their validation will have no effect on you once you deem yourself worthy.
  • What others think about you does not matter. All that matters is what do you think of yourself.
  • Invest in yourself by taking up an online course. Try a new recipe. Eat healthily. Read a good book. Just add more meaningful layers to your personality.
  • Life is just once so do not sit on the sidelines and look at others dancing and having fun.
  • You might fail but there is also a chance that you might win and the best thing is whether you win or fail you will have tons of fun and experience something new and meaningful.
  • Whether we have a million dollars or 1 dollar we can never take it with us after our time here on earth is over.

I had such an adrenaline rush after writing up all this in my journal that I had to post the same here. As a very meaningful and impactful decade is coming to an end, this post will motivate you to be confident and have a deeper life no matter what your bank balance is no matter how overweight or underweight you are no matter what your relationship status is.

All that you need to know is that you are worthy of love, success, respect and beautiful life experiences. You can be jobless, homeless and penniless and still be confident. Do not think that you need to lose 5 kilos to be confident.

Please take a pen and paper and start writing about your worthiness about your strengths about your true essence that makes you ‘YOU’ and derive confidence from that inner connection and deep inner knowing.

Stay blessed and stay confident!


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