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Joys of Motherhood Part 1

joys of motherhood

My baby boy turned into an inquisitive and hyperactive toddler a few months ago and then started the fun ride. I call it joys of motherhood (how original Soumya). And here comes the first part in this fun ride.

Night time routine includes the next to impossible task called brushing the few tiny teeth inside his mouth that he has no intentions to open what so ever. And by hook or crook (tickles and laughs and asking him to say aaaa and eeee) once I get toothbrush inside his mouth, he finds it extremely important to bite onto the brush real hard and meanwhile swallow the toothpaste. Wow like really wow Shaurya !!

Later, after all the enjoyment (read where I lose patience and he is having fun) time to sleep and we co-sleep. Yup Co-Sleep!! More fun awaiting (God please give me abundant patience and better pain threshold).

Time 9:30 pm,

He said wow looking at the ceiling. I pretended to be asleep.

After 5minutes he pulled my hair. I continued to fake my sleep.Then, he pulled my eyelashes and I could not pretend sleep anymore. Should I divulge details like I actually kind of cried? No, I think I will portray myself as more matured and sorted.

Time 10:10 pm,

Shaurya started asking for water. He said,”bater bater bater”

So I went to get water in his spout sippy cup.Well he drank and asked for water in his straw sippy. I refused. Back to bed.

Time 10:40 pm,

“bater bater bater” I thought poor baby is really thirsty. Time for water and this time in straw sippy cup.

Time 11 pm,

“Potty potty”

God my smell test wasn’t helping me gauge the situation so I turned on the lights.

Worst mistake ever!! (well that is exaggeration not ever)

He escaped from the bed and I ran behind him like running behind a chicken. Okay, I Dramatized a little bit there.

Time 11: 20 pm,

“bater bater bater” I ignored.

“potty potty” I ignored.

Then happened the sweetest moment. He turned kissed my nose hugged me and slept.

Melt melt melt. Oh I love you Shaurya !!

Time 2 am,

His toes are on my right cheek. I adjusted him.

Time 3am,

His legs are across my neck. I adjusted him.

Time 3:30 am,

His diaper bum is on my head. I am too tired for anything.

Goodnight to me.

I love him and he is becoming very interesting. Thus, many more parts of our joy ride will be documented here.

Do share your toddler fun moments in the comments below. I would love to listen to your stories.


  1. Awww that’s so sweet. I am not a mother yet but I have a 1.5 yr old nephew at my home and his name is also shaurya. So naughty and cute. I can see how tiring it is to raise a baby but then its worth all the pain 🙂 very beautiful post 🙂


      hehe mommying is tiring but fun..thank you so much for your comment dear..I really like your blog 🙂 lots of hugs to your nephew Shaurya..

  2. God! Same story here, except the” bater bater! ” 😀


      Lolz! wait until she turns 18 months 🙂

  3. Natasha Natasha

    lovely… enjoyed reading this article…


      Glad you enjoyed.Thank you for the support.

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