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Joys of Motherhood Part 2

When Shaurya was 14 months old, I was concerned and borderline scared that he was not walking like the kids of his age. And then after his 15th month, my little bundle of joy started walking. Oh goodness, it was the sweetest of memories ever and my phone died owing to the number of pictures and videos I captured of him wobbling away in his teeny tiny feet.

Fast forward to now I am that mum, who goes,

“Please sit Shaurya”

“Stop running”

“You have to sit on your car seat”

“Sit down now!”

“No, you cannot go out for a walk at 11 pm”

My toddler is on the peak of troublesome two and I now know that terrible twos are real. No, they are not somebody’s exaggeration. It is a real thing, people. His angelic face melts us and the people around us when we see him and that is where the awe ends. We have had episodes of running out of restaurants and cafes by cancelling the orders or packing up already served but untouched food as our toddler’s screaming was unbearable to human ears.

For playing with him you need a skill of another level. The toddler rules are many. What is his is his and what is yours is also his! If it is broken it is yours and as soon as you touch it he wants it as his. Confused? We are just getting started. During a car race, he will race his car and yours as well. You just cheer him and maybe he hands you over a car for racing. But, don’t be fooled because only the toddler can win. And in the middle of the race, he walks away just because he spotted chocolate.

During long drives, he will ensure that he cries on top of his lungs in a manner that makes cops think that he is kidnapped. He will yell, scream, bite, kick and show tantrums at any given time but, we parents can never lose our cool. NO NEVER!

Wait, are you tired of reading? Okay I will continue in the next post as even I am exhausted because I am a real life mombie (it is kind of the kool thing now mombie is an amalgamation of mom and zombie)

Tell me your stories and if possible get me a cup of coffee.

Stay blessed!


  1. Sunitha Adarsh Sunitha Adarsh

    Mombie like “u” is always an inspiration to all of us and that too as “u said” their tantrums at the end of the day is like a fun story to narrate when we see our kids little adorable face. Above all this ur a mom and a person who is always positive and brings good vibes to all of us . And if any of you is a new mom reading “Soumya’s post” then u have definitely reached the right destination to get inspired about how to forget ur worries & enjoy ur motherhood. Thanks a lot Soumya to make us momies feel good .”May God bless u”

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Your words truly encouraged me Sunitha. God bless your kind heart <3

  2. Sangeeth Sangeeth

    Tht was a real fun to read and by the way the word “mombie” was a killer one. Wishing u all the best and stay blessed and continue with such awesomee stories. 😊😊

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      How kind of you <3

  3. Aww I felt the same when my son was that age. And let me tell you, enjoy every single second of it while you can. Because before you know it they’re grown and almost as tall as you! My son just turned 12! I can hardly believe it.

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Gosh! he is 12 already? Thank you for the advice, Lisa. I guess I get so caught up in his tantrums that I forget to enjoy the little moments.

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Aww so sweet of you Ana. I can’t wait to hear the good news hehe 🙂

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