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Joys of Motherhood: Preschool Edition

A few days back I realized how Shaurya was a part of me to an extent where I could not function without him. I was always daydreaming about 20 minutes of peace and quiet where I could write up a blog post. Turns out I cannot function without his screaming and the blaring sounds of Fireman Sam on TV.

Today is the 20th day of his Preschool and I feel a little more sorted. I have vlogged his first day and this is the video :

Now let us get into the mom son conversations from the initial days, shall we?

Me: So Shaurya are you excited to go to Preschool?
Him: No

Me: You are going to make many friends
Him: No

Me: I am proud of you Shaurya. Amma will wait here for you.
Him: Oh common sweetie come inside (Everyone around was smiling because my little man was calling me sweetie and asking me to get inside his classroom)

Me: I will wait here for you. I love you. Please go to your class baby.
Him: (screaming on another decibel level)

And when he was inside and I could not see him anymore I ran out hugged his sweater and cried like a kid. I feared what if he did not tell the teacher he wanted to use the washroom. I wondered if the teacher could understand him and could he understand what his teacher was saying. Is he still crying? Is he thinking about me? Did he eat his lunch? Did the other kids make him feel welcome?

After an hour of feeling empty and aimless, I picked my little one up from his class and all I can say is I felt a missing organ of my body was reattached to me.
We came home, showered, ate lunch and watched PAW Patrol together.

Me: Did you like preschool?
Him: So much Fun

Me: That is great. We will go again tomorrow.
Him: No. No Way.
Him: We go mall.

Me: Of course we could go to the mall after your Preschool.
Him: No. Mall Mall.
Okay, I should not press the matter too much. Let me try something else.

Me: What did you learn in the preschool?
Him: Fun
Me: Yea it is fun I get it. But did you learn to draw sleeping lines?
Him: Eat cake
Me: Ahh..err..okay

Now if you thought the first day of Preschool was difficult you are so wrong. On the second day, I ran behind my naked son for 20 minutes flat so that he could wear his underpants. Why was he acting difficult? He knew this morning mom was dropping him again to preschool. He asked if we could go eat ice cream instead. Yes, buddy, you are tempting me with your ideas.

After his third day of preschool, we were rehearsing his name, his age, and his teacher’s name.
Me: Shaurya what is your teacher’s name?
Him: My name Shaurya
Me: No Shaurya when I ask you what your teacher’s name is you will say, “My teacher’s name is Ms. Shirley. So tell me what is your teacher’s name?”
Him: My name Shaurya

I repeated three more times and asked again and this time he answered,” What teacher name?”
Me: Shaurya say Ms. Shirley
Him: Merley
Me: What? No. No. Ms. Shirley
Him: My name Shaurya
Me: Oh God
Him: Oh God

I just need sleep and lots of coffee and can someone send me a huge container filled with patience? I am too tired to even type a proper conclusion to this post. But, I hope you all have a smile on your face now 🙂

Stay blessed!

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