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Motherhood-Enjoy rather than Endure


Controversial title huh? Motherhood as we all know is the biggest blessing ever. With the cute hands and feet that steals our breath away and makes us giggle comes sleepless nights and no time left for anything. Somewhere, the whole experience becomes less happy and more overwhelming. Few things  that made me enjoy motherhood rather than enduring it are:

Digital detox

No I am not mad. I went on a digital detox by not logging in to my social networks and before doing that I told about it to my friends and family. I did have withdrawal symptoms the first few days but, it made me feel more connected to myself. I cared about what my daily plans were like than about wondering how the other women looked so perfect or how they managed to do the things they did and posting comments.

I went for walks with my son and enjoyed the blue sky and golden sun and orangey sunset. I for once could hear the birds chirping. I was not clicking pictures or instagraming or whatsapping but, actually soaking in the nature’s beauty with my senses. God! I felt so grateful  for everything after so long. Instead of watching TV I started reading books before bed.

In short, it made me feel that my brain got a deep tissue massage. As a result, for the past 20 months I am inactive on facebook and I do not see me wanting to log in ever. I check instagram thrice a day and twitter just every afternoon.

Being Present

If you know me personally then you know that I think about everything every time and that means more mental stress and less productivity. After becoming a mom,  I realized my chaotic mind was not helping me to absorb all the divinity of bonding with my little one. So, I took the problem to my hands and the solution that helped me was a notebook, pen and post its.

Example, when I was doing sensory play with Shaurya and started thinking of grocery list, I quickly wrote the list down on my notebook. And that made me take that thought away and be present not just physically but, mentally with my son. Within a few minutes, I had a to do list growing in my mind like 3 loads of laundry, prep work for dinner and time to repurchase Shaurya’s massage oil and what not. I wrote my tasks down on a post it and placed it on a wall where I could see it. Result? Less chaos in my mind and I am a happier and less scattered mom.

Me Time

Never underestimate the importance of a ‘Me Time’ for yourself as a mom. And no it is not a selfish act but, it is an important aspect of your daily life that makes you a happier and more loving mom. For me, on a daily basis it is about sitting down with a  cup of herbal tea and doing some self care. Some days I prepare tea, wash my face, put on a face mask and enjoy sipping on warm tea. Some days me time involves nail painting. And there are days when me time means indulging in ice creams and watching YouTube videos. Do whatever works for you but the point is Do It!  Also, meditation is great for your body, mind and soul. However, I am yet to get into it (always honest you see).

Please do share your thoughts with me. I am loving how this platform is slowly becoming a happy and comforting place for mommies and I am ever so grateful to each one of you reading this blog.

Happy Mommying!



      Thank you so much Neha 🙂

  1. Gurl! You are a genius! I have to try all the three!


      Husna you are way too kind. So glad you feel inspired 🙂

  2. Being a mommy must be wonderful! Digital detox is something everyone should do in a while 🙂


      Oh yes Mariyam it is wonderful to be a mom 🙂 Digital Detox is good for each and every one of us.


      Thank you Anubhuti 🙂


      Hi Carol glad you found the article informative 🙂

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