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My 3 Current Favorite Guided Meditations

When there is too much happening in my life and I feel like I need to step back, gain clarity and re-center myself meditation and journaling are my go to. But, when I cannot sit in absolute silence and even meditation music is not helping my overworked and over worrying mind, I turn to guided meditations.

These are the ones I have been enjoying lately.

6 Phases Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

The first time I tried it I felt Vishen was going too fast and I could not keep up with him. My husband felt the same and gave up in 5 minutes. The next morning I tried again and I felt so much better.  The six phases covered in this meditation are Connection, Gratitude, Freedom from negative charges, Creative Visualization, Intentions for the day and Blessing.

It is a great way to start your day and it enables you to focus on your actual goals all while being grateful and positive about life. As mentioned earlier, it is not for everyone but, at least once you should complete the session to actually decide if this is for you or not.

Click here for 6 Phases Guided meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

Guided Meditation by Deepak Chopra

I absolutely love the calm in his voice and his meditations though guided are not fully packed with his instructions asking you to think this and that and breathe. For me, he is a teacher who is by my side gently nudging me back on track when needed.

His Living Carefree meditation helps me to stop overthinking and actually feel emotionally lighter.

Most of his meditations give you a mantra to help you keep yourself on track and I find it very helpful.

10 Minutes Morning Meditation

Now this one is a meditation that helps you focus on your deep breathes and reminds you of pranah which is the life force. I listen to it during those busy mornings when I am packing my son’s tiffin and sipping warm water and applying my SPF. This comes in handy when I have no time to actually sit and meditate but, I can play this on my phone while I am multitasking.  By the time the 10 minutes are over, I feel more mindful and positive.

This is the link

I hope these meditations help you cultivate a better mindset and achieve your goals. Please remember that you can read a 100 books and listen to a 100 podcasts but, it is only when you apply all that knowledge to your life will you see changes.

Stay Blessed!


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