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Namaste 2016

The excitement for 2016 is REAL (giggles)!

The year that went by has taught us all a thing or two that would make 2016 a better year.

What did Soumya learn or re-learn in 2015?

  • Importance of gratitude
  • Significance of forgiving and moving on
  • Getting things done rather than hoping it would happen (that is how this blog is a reality)
  • Understood that everything happens for a reason and it is mostly for our own good
  • Staying positive and having immense faith in God

What are the major lessons 2015 taught you all?

Let us chat over a cup of coffee and dark chocolate fudge cake (should I warn you guys that I bakedĀ it?)


New Year
New Dreams
New Goals
New beginnings

Have a blessed 2016!

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