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Oh so Different yet so Same

Wednesday afternoon, going through instagram feed made me feel like these mommies are so different from me. They buy their babies such luxurious clothes and 3000 Dirhams worth strollers and take them on fancy holidays. They do outrageously cute photo shoots with their little ones for anything and everything.

On the other hand, I proudly bought a  69 Dirhams worth IKEA high chair for my Shaurya. His feeding bowls and cutleries are also from IKEA. His straw sippy is from baby shop sale and normal sippy is from IKEA. His sleeping suits are from Tchibo 30 Dirhams for 2.  All his moments are captured by me in my not so bad Samsung Galaxy S4. I did call up a couple of places for his photo shoot and decided I would spend such a massive amount for his higher studies (like seriously).

And I came to the conclusion that I am not all that a good mom after all. I play with him day and night but don’t know if I can ever take him to Disneyland. I have never experienced snow ever in my life and I wonder if I can give that experience to my baby. Gradually the day just withered off while I reflected on my mommy choices.

Just changing TV channels at night, I saw a news clip of a mom holding her tiny weak baby and begging on the streets for food. That is when it made me realize, though so different in a lot of ways we are all still the same. We love our little ones irrespective of our way of expressing it and our earning capacity. In reality, material things do not make such a huge difference for little ones. All they want is their parents. If we can spend time with them and listen to their stories, it doesn’t matter to them if their high chair is worth 69 or 690. If they can get their mom’s warmth and kisses and good night stories and cuddles, they are happy despite wearing a sleep suit bought during a sale.

What we can afford for our baby differs from mom to mom but, unconditional love is the same whether you are wealthy or not. Our way of showering love is different but, the very essence of motherhood is the same.

Oh so different, yet so same! What do you think?



  1. sangeeth sangeeth

    u r absolutely correct. it is that love and care which is needed for a child not the price of things…

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