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Pomodoro Technique for Productivity

Pomodoro Technique is an important Productivity tool and whether you are aware of it or not we are all using it on a day-to-day basis. The intention of this blog post is to make you consciously aware of this tool, its pros, and its cons. If you would rather have the information in video format you can proceed to watch the video and then come back to reinforce the information you have learned.

Pomodoro Technique boosts your productivity as it takes the path of least resistance. When your brain thinks this task needs only 25 minutes there is less resistance to doing it. If you think something needs 2 to 3 hours of your time your first instinct is to put it off for another time.

How to successfully do Pomodoro?

  • Remove all clutter and distractions from your workspace
  • Put your phone in airplane mode
  • Once the timer starts focus only on the task at hand
  • Take only 5 minutes break period after the first Pomodoro
  • After the fourth Pomodoro take a 20 minutes break
  • During the shorter breaks refrain from answering unimportant texts and emails

What are the pros of the Pomodoro Technique?

  • It prevents piling up of tasks
  • Perfect for quick clean-ups
  • Perfect for catching up with reading goals
  • Good for maintaining a daily workout schedule
  • Good for anyone getting into journaling and meditation practice
  • Good for mothers who juggle a lot of responsibilities every day
  • Good for skincare and beauty habits

Pomodoro Technique -What are the cons?

  • Does not get you into a state of flow
  • Requires us to chunk a lot of easy-to-do tasks together and break apart difficult tasks into smaller chunks
  • A lot of tasks take more than 25 minutes and the 5-minute break might make you want to not continue with the task

Stay Blessed!

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