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Restarting the day with an Attitude of Gratitude

Hi. How are you and how is your day going?

Well, mine was good.  I mean, I did all the positive things last night so that I can have a fresh start this morning. I wanted to wake up early and have my green smoothie before my little one woke up. I planned a 20 minutes workout and had a to -do -list prepared with exact timings (ambitious woman huh)

I had 2 cups of camomile tea last night and listened to delta waves and fell asleep. I had blog post ideas written down and to sum it up, I was super excited about today. What could possibly go wrong yea?

It  was 2am and my little boy started grunting which turned into crying and then the rest of the night slowly started to become a nightmare. My enthusiasm to wake up in the morning just faded and faded and eventually vanished. After he settled down and before I fell into deep sleep, I told myself that it is going to be a bad day. And guess what? he woke up in two hours and threw up all over me, himself ,our pillows, his blanket and my duvet.

I was grumpy and kept complaining to myself that even before I got a chance to brush my teeth, I had to heat up water to clean my son off his puke and had to change the bed sheets and get the puked on laundry started in the washing machine. I didn’t like seeing my puffy face as I brushed my teeth and I started feeling so ugly, moody and dull. I gave up on blending my smoothie as I just wanted tons of caffeine in my system as I was dreading the ‘bad day’. Just to change my mood, I logged into social media (worst decision) and got depressed seeing people making new year eve plans and getting their hair and nails done. I don’t have plans. So I don’t have a new dress.  No putting on makeup and no meeting up people. Nothing.  So I logged off feeling even worse than before.

After my second cup of coffee, I felt, as it is a bad day, I might as well eat unhealthy. Therefore, I had bread butter and jam.

Then, I went to spent time with my Shaurya who was trying to wake his plush toys up (so cute).

He looked happy despite all that puking and lack of proper sleep.  “How are you baby? “I asked him softly. He jumped and then asked me to pick him up and when I did, he touched my face and smiled. He seemed happy and his smile made me realize that I am blessed. I just had that moment of gratitude where I realized how blessed I am.

I appreciated that I sleep on a bed with pillow and duvet. I have a loving husband and son. I have food to eat and a healthy body (well I mean, I don’t have any ailments kinda healthy! And not that, oh that figure is awesome kinda healthy). I realized that my mindset was wrong and I was making a blessed day into a bad day with my ungrateful attitude.

Hence, I restarted my day with a cup of green tea and this blog post at 12:35 pm. After concentrating for 10minutes into this post I realized my little boy was silent and that meant Danger. As feared, he pooped, removed his trousers, opened his diaper and threw it on the floor and was giving himself and his plush toys  a poop massage (thanks!!!)

This time around, my approach was different. I took a deep breath and started with damage control. As I was cleaning everything up, I appreciated the fact that I have a washing machine to wash up the laundry. I can have my 2 minute green smoothie as lunch while I spent 2 hours cleaning  and disinfecting the crib and surroundings. And, I just told him this kind of behavior is unacceptable while I clicked the yucky situation pictures to keep as a memory and also to send to his busy but loving dad and grandparents.

Once I click an apt picture for this post and publish it, I plan to go on a walk with my little boy . No day is perfect .It is made perfect and happy by our right mindset and attitude. Also, I understand that each of us have a different journey and  a different life and as far as we appreciate our blessings, most of us are all in a happy place. Right?


If this post was able to inspire at least one mother out there, I would say my work for the day is done.

The point of this post is to look at the bright side of life and to embrace the attitude of gratitude.




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