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Reverse Bucket List –Why should you have one?

In this blog we talk about productivity and getting things done but, we also talk about self-love, self-care and celebrating oneself.  At the beginning of every year, we all have resolutions and goals and we add new things to our bucket list. Well some of us go one after the other and tick things off their list and for some of us life is not as easy and there are too many unexpected surprises that deter us from our path.  End result?  The bucket list that was supposed to inspire us starts to make us feel like failures and looking at it becomes too daunting.

This is where a reverse bucket list comes into the limelight of self-love.  I read about this in and it quickly made sense to me as I was already making gratitude lists on a  daily basis wherein I mentioned my tiniest accomplishments and patted myself on the back.

What is a Reverse Bucket list?

It is a type of gratitude exercise where you write down everything you have accomplished so far. So instead of focusing on things, you have not done yet you are appreciating everything you have achieved so far. It gives you a sense of self-worth and you realize you are indeed a tough cookie.

My Reverse Bucket List – A little example

My bucket list from my twenties was mostly based on completing my education and hopefully getting my masters and lots of travel. I also wanted to keep writing though I knew I would not make enough money by taking up that as a career. I did have a dedicated travel section where my dream to visit London before my 30th birthday was mentioned. Now at the beginning of my thirties, my reverse bucket list looks like this:

  • Completed MBA
  • Got Married and became a mom (yes I have that in my list. It is a big deal ya all)
  • Started a blog
  • Started a Youtube Channel

Just writing these down made me feel like I have done these things and accomplished a lot in my life and though life is a little too difficult at this point, I am strong and focused enough to get through this phase and fulfill my dreams.

As you can see I haven’t traveled anywhere and that makes me very sad but, I have achieved a little bit here and there that makes me realize I am doing well.

Benefits I have found of having a reverse bucket list

  1. Made me grateful
  2. Reduced my self-doubt
  3. Increased my confidence
  4. Made me want to update my bucket list
  5. Helped me analyze my growth as a person and I edited my bucket list and deleted things like get a tattoo and nose piercing because apparently, I do not want either of those anymore

When is it a bad time to make a reverse bucket list?

Have you heard about the fact that using gratitude as a mere technique when you are not actually feeling it is going to make it ineffective? Well, same goes to reverse bucket list as well. Prepare one only when you are in a good mind frame. A calm weekend morning when you are feeling good and hopeful about life is a good time to make a reverse bucket list.

Some scenarios where you should completely refrain from doing it includes grieving a death, break up, job loss etc. Keep in mind that gratitude journal and reverse bucket list should not be used as deflection techniques.

So tell me all about your reverse bucket list in the comments 🙂

Stay Blessed!


  1. I’ve never thought about doing this. Really makes you happy for all the things you have achieved.

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      Indeed Sangeeta. Just knowing that you have achieved certain things in the past makes you have faith in your abilities to achieve your future goals despite the current obstacles.

  2. Never thought about anything like this, I shall try this sometime in future. 😊

    • Soumya Midhun Soumya Midhun

      It is an instant confidence booster Alisha 🙂

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