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Self-Concept for Manifestation

Self-Concept for Manifestation has been a hot topic for a while. There are many claiming that the law of attraction is not as good as the law of assumption and every day brings more tips, tricks, and techniques for manifestation. As always this blog post is going to be very personal thinking out loud free flow writing style so grab a cup of herbal tea and enjoy.

The way I deal with a lot of my problems is by switching into a detached logical mode and coming up with a strategy. A wounding in love life would prompt me to come up with a strategy to exercise more, eat healthily and give myself a makeover. A career crisis leads me to sign up for more courses and read more books to an extent that I exhaust myself mentally.

Constantly triggering interactions with a certain group of family members or friends, made me do a mental door slam but, peace was nowhere to be found. Changing the scenery did nothing. Changing my appearance gave me temporary joy. Then one day, I stopped trying to analyze my problems and sat in my dark bedroom and focused on my breathing.

In the silence I was experiencing, a voice inside me told me that the chaos was not outside of me but, inside me. Was it my higher self? Was it something I read somewhere? Was my solutions-focused mind trying to solve my problems by reiterating to me something I heard in the past? I don’t know and I did not want to know.

Those lines were the golden ticket to my inner journey and inner work. When I looked inside myself I saw light and dark. I realized I had preconceived notions about life being a struggle and about my own worthiness. Most of it was based on the limited opinions others had about me. The root cause of all my suffering came from I don’t deserve constant happiness and I need to make myself worthy enough to be loved and so on and so forth.

We all walk around with these kinds of assumptions and beliefs about ourselves and about every aspect of life. This is your self-concept. If you have these not-serving-you-well beliefs we can conclude that your self-concept will sabotage you at every point. The reason for this is that your Reticular Activating System will be obliged to bring more experiences and people into your life to prove your beliefs. If you believe you are not good enough for a job then, you will hear your boss or colleagues reiterating it back to you and if you still do not understand that you are manifesting these experiences with your beliefs you will step into victim consciousness.

So now what?

This is where affirmations, meditations, journaling, and all other kinds of inner work step in. If you try to change your external appearance without changing your self-concept nothing major happens as internally you are still a victim though externally you look like a model. You will attract new dates, new job opportunities, and more but will fail to sustain it as your subconscious programming says you don’t deserve it or you will be cheated upon, etc.

A major shift happened inside me when I started making my own affirmations and if you can not do that listen to this affirmation track from Clair Summer and observe what comes up for you.

Do you feel any resistance to any of these words? Do you feel like crying? Do you want to journal about an Aha moment you had while listening to it?

Listening daily during your chores, work out, etc for 21 to 31 days will bring a profound shift in you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Stay Blessed!

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