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Just like any other mom, I am in awe of my little one. It has been 18months already and he is all grown up.

My little man, walking around in the house, grabbing everything he can get his hands on and screaming out loud for everything that he can’t reach yet.  I play with him from the moment we wake up. Hugs and kisses, cuddles and giggles, I am so blessed to have you my son Shaurya -the brave one.

Yup brave he is. You would understand when I tell you my birthing tale someday.

Being a mom has never been easy. My mind is a chaotically organized battlefield of worries, dreams and happiness. My heart swells with pride every time he masters a new skill like rolling over, crawling or the latest one  ‘walking’.  Going in for his vaccinations breaks my heart into pieces. Seeing him go through his teething pain, I weep!!  What have you done to me my baby?

He is the biggest proof that dreams do become reality. He is all that I ever wished for and prayed for and I hope that I can give him happy and meaningful memories that would always make him smile when he remembers his childhood.

I am not feeling witty enough to discuss about the sleepless nights and cold teas and never ending laundry. To be honest it is that kind of day when I just  want to bask in the beauty of ‘Motherhood’


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