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The clash of the Diaper Creams

dramatic title there huh!

My little one did not really have any diaper rash until he crossed 6 months. Yup, I was a mom who never saw diaper rash until my little boy  turned 6 months old. Then, it was vaccination followed by fever followed by the dreaded TEETHING.  And came real bad red rashes. Diaper change was hell.

1st choice

Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream

Mustela as a brand is widely trusted and used by parents who are conscious about their baby not wanting to be exposed to chemicals and parabens.

As the product promises, it prevents, soothes and recovers. It is free from preservatives and parabens. The packaging gets 100/100 as it comes in a 55 gram tube with flip open cap that makes it hygienic and easy to travel with. Now coming on to the effectiveness bit, within a time frame of 4 hours of using it first, my little one’s rashes reduced and redness was almost disappearing.

As per their website,

Natural origin active ingredients in the product are Avocado Perseose, Alcacea Oxeoline, Sunflower oil distillate and Zinc oxide.

Now, I use it on him at night and also carry it in his diaper bag. I give it a thumbs up for effectiveness, ingredients and definitely the packaging.

From the image, you can see it is a much loved product as it is completely over.


2nd choice

Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream

Except for the tub packaging, I love everything about the product as it is  more or less like the Mustela one but with an affordable price tag. Diaper change with a hyper active toddler boy is always a mess and a super thick white paste in a tub makes it messier for me. But I love how effective it is.

The major ingredients are Zinc Oxide which reduces loss of tissue fluid, lanolin and the antiseptic and local anaesthetic Benzyl Alcohol. I know the ingredients sound scary but, for extreme rashes found during teething coupled with lactose intolerance, my little one found comfort in Sudocrem. And it was recommended by the doctor.

My friends vouch its efficacy on their spots and eczema. However, I have not used it for the same and will not be able to give my opinion on that topic. It is an antiseptic cream made in Ireland and comes in big and small tubs and for me it is a must have at home. Owing to hygienic and ease of use reasons, it is not a part of our diaper bag.

From my dad’s perspective these 2 diaper creams are not cream but cement (you know where my quirkiness comes from now). However, the point I’m trying to make is how super thick and almost non absorbing it seems. Did I mention how difficult it is to wash off? Takes forever and beyond.

Now comes our family favorite Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


Everyone knows, we Keralites love coconut.  I mean, Kerala is the land of coconuts and hence the coconut products are easily available in every household. Coming to Dubai has not changed our roots and hence, we stick with the mighty extra virgin coconut oil for cooking, skin care, hair care and baby care.

Extra virgin coconut oil, rich in Vitamins E and C and also Antioxidants is what my baby’s bum gets treated with on a regular (every diaper change) basis. It absorbs quickly and is very light. To summarize, healthy option, happy baby and happy mom.

Now, if you are interested in online shopping, some of my suggestions are Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm. These are the ones some of my friends and family use and they order it online. I have personally not used anything other than Mustela, Sudocrem and EVCO on my baby boy.

What are your recommendations?

Happy Diaper Change Mommys!


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed are honest and based on my personal experience. The above mentioned products are bought with my own money. Every one reacts differently to products. Please consult your doctor for further advise.


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