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Weekend vibes

What does weekend mean to you? Be with family and friends? Long drives and late night clubbing?

Well  growing up, weekend for me meant doing my homework, doing my little brother’s homework, organizing my little cupboard crammed with clothes, books and god knows what not and just day dreaming about my life. Once I turned 18, weekends turned into just weekend that is Friday. I worked from Saturday through Thursday and also attended evening classes (Bachelor of Business Administration aka BBA times). So weekend meant I could sleep an extra 2 or 3 hours. I could spent an entire hour for bathing. I could organize my wardrobe and myself for the next entire week and also help my little brother with his homework once I am done with my weekly assignments and projects.

Now after becoming a mom, weekends are just like other weekdays. Wake up with Shaurya ,eat with Shaurya, play with Shaurya, go out with Shaurya. I am so much more at peace. I am happier than ever before yet confused like never before as well. At times, it feels like he is growing up so fast and at times, it feels like so many more milestones to reach and so much more fun times to look forward to (to be honest potty training is not in my can’t wait for list).

So, this weekend we stayed over at my parents house. After marriage, I partly started feeling like a guest in that house rather than a daughter and I would merely blame it on our culture that says daughters belong to husband’s house after marriage. I am not here to rebel and change the society in that case. Well I might rebel and try to stir up a change but for now, let us just chill this weekend.

Since, I was staying  with my parents from Thursday night to Friday afternoon I thought I would show you around. I was 3 when we moved into this humble apartment in Dubai. I started going to school from this apartment. This apartment has seen my preschooler tantrums, childhood dreams, teenage struggles, excitement of first job, my engagement and today this apartment is my son’s grandpa’s house. He messes up his grandma’s kitchen and enjoys bath time with grandpa. He messes up his uncle’s  (my little brother’s) wardrobe which once upon a time belonged to me.

This is one place I come to and realize how time flies and how relationships evolve and deepen. Was that too intense? Oops!


That is my brother’s DIY that I love staring at. There was a time he hated doing any kind of homework and art work and today he made something so beautiful. How time changes each one of us is still fascinating to me.



The many achievements for which me and my bro worked very hard is now gracing the walls and is not even a topic of discussion for guests. Ouch that hurts!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

My favorite part of this apartment is this corner where I sat forever to study, to cry, to dream, to prepare for job interviews etc.

This is the corner that saw my childhood fears as I struggled for straight As. This corner has absorbed my teenage tears while I was mocked by classmates for being ugly and fat and what not. This corner has heard me looking at the sky and talking to moon and stars about all my fears about future. This corner has seen me blushing in love and today this corner is my son’s favorite play corner. Can you see the paint peel off and cracks? To me, it seems like this corner has soaked in years of mixed emotions and it is tired and slowly getting old.  It is getting wrinkles and make up (paint in this case)can’t hide it anymore.


Cadbury Dairy milk with jelly popping candy was my idea of fun with my brother. Have you tried it? It is like Diwali in your mouth. Wow that was a good one and I am trade marking it. Yes, I am serious!

Apparently, Shaurya found this DIY sensory toy made by my Mom to be very interesting. I loved it too.

Then Mr. Hubby and me went for a drive to Mamzar.


Doesn’t it look like blessings being showered upon humanity from the heaven above?

Evening bukhoor back in our house.


I love staring at it. The amazing fragrance, the way it moves without any inhibitions enveloping everything, I feel liberated (does that make me weird?).

As I am growing and evolving like anybody else, I have tried my level best to stop overthinking. Overthinking creates so many problems that did not exist in the beginning. Today, despite being scorned at for being ugly, I am loved by my family and husband and have a super cute chubby cheeks baby boy who loves me. Happiness is within us and we just need to open our hearts (preach much). I realize and want you to realize that the moment you stop worrying and start being grateful life will fill you with abundant happiness.

See you soon!



  1. omg! I loved reading this post! Brought tears to my eyes (am I being silly here), but seriously u made me remember a lot of things from my past! You were called ugly? To hell with them!


      gosh aren’t you the sweetest thing ever!! *hugs* my lovely..u jus brighten up the crappiest of my days..

  2. sangeeth sangeeth

    What a post. Seriously it touched my heart.


      Glad you could relate with it 🙂

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