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Zaiqa E Dilli

Are you a foodie? Then you might like this post. Last Friday was the day me and Mr.Hubby decided to eat as if calories did not exist . We ate like our body was never going to ever gain a single extra pound.

And we blame it on Zaiqa E Dili.

I mean if tasty food is so affordable and is flowing in the form of a buffet who can stop us right?

Such a budget friendly restaurant serving such flavorful food. I am calling it a hidden gem.


We opted for the buffet . We had to wait 10 minutesย  as we were way too early but, they were hospitable enough to give us their famous shawarma (not included in buffet)ย  and all I can say is we were clean bowled. I have grown up eating shawarma and this Indian take on it was mind blowing. All the special spices and warm soft tortilla kind of wrap. In one word YUM!

Then the buffet was ready and we got busy eating again. That is when we thought this special place needs a mention in our blog. Then started the clicking and eating.

Soumya Recommends: Chicken Jahangiri, Chicken Biriyani and Gulab Jamun

Midhun Recommends: Mutton Seekh Kabab and Shahi Mutton Qorma

All I see is food and both my eyes and tummy are happy.

Star Item that we both love : Chicken Shawarma (Dilli ka mash-hoor Chicken Shawarma) and it is as affordable as AED 8 (you know why I really like this restaurant).

We would recommend this restaurant to all foodies who are not calorie conscious during the weekends (wink) and who have a huge group to feed as their weekend dinner buffet is justย  AED 54 per person. Mughlai food was not new to me but their flavor was something I never tasted before.

We went to the Qusais branch in Damascus street but, they also have a branch in Oud Metha near to Lamcy Plaza.

Now if you are into healthy eating (which I support but fail to keep up with) this place might not fascinate you. But, you know thatย  we are foodies and we are always Eating !!


  1. Wow! So yummy. I love biryani and shawarma <3

  2. Nom nom.
    Not really a foodie, but hey once in a while, you need this ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. sangeeth sangeeth

    After reading that it feels like mouth watering.!!!!!

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